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Applied Collaborations

8th International Conference and Exhibition of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia

2-3 October 2015, Christchurch, New Zealand

Topic: Applied Collaborations

One of the most unique abilities that we have as human beings is to remember ideas, communicate them, and to build on ideas from others. This ability is called collective learning. Over the past two decades more than any other technical development in history digital media has boosted this capacity. Learning is no longer just about what we know as individual, but also about how we access information and how we share information with others. Today’s problems are being solved in teams, across and in-between disciplines and through collective learning processes. The new interest in integrative planning strategies such as adaptive – and user generated urbanism are key indicators of a shift in thinking. Effectively this shift requires new competencies and dissolves the traditional distinctions between teaching and learning.

On a global level this change is reflected in the emergence of an increasing number of alternative architectural education platforms. With multiple collaborators involved, their aim is to react to acute architectural, social and environmental demands, which expand beyond the limitations of institutional structures and the focus of assessment criteria for predefined outcomes.

Keynote Speaker: Colin Fournier

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