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Sarah Claxton-Vicars

Monash University

“Think outside the box”, is a phrase every architect, designer and engineer is familiar with and has probably been challenged to achieve. However, this idiom can be depicted as a dichotomous notion and hence, limiting factor to the 21st-century design. The phrase suggests that imagination and conventional concepts are mutually exclusive, where tradition is the enemy of innovation.

This letter mark demonstrates how using tradition and convention, as an adjunct to client briefs and requirements, should not be avoided in the quest to create robust and innovative design. Instead, it illustrates how architects can overcome the restrictive nature of “inside the box” thinking, using it to inform a design’s context and appropriateness. This is depicted in the letter mark’s parallelogram form. Although seemingly rectangular, the logo illustrates how an architect can work within the boundaries set but manipulates those boundaries to create something entirely new and relevant.