AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in Australasia

Liam Moroney

University of South Australia

‘Architecture can be considered as the foundation of the society that surrounds us’. Upon exploring this concept, one might notice how ‘foundation’ can be considered as a literal description, as well as something more akin to the metaphorical. Arguably, successful architecture is rarely ideated with structural needs during initial conception conversations; instead concept is likely born from innovation, site, experimentation or human interaction. However, without approaching the issue of foundation, architecture has no basis for existing. By providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in Australasia, AASA provides the foundation for the next generation of architects to build upon. The mission to explore form, function and continue to innovatively design into the next generation is a grand one, and AASA continue to provide a loadbearing structural support, a framework, for students to successfully gain the knowledge to become an effective, positive force in the wider industry as they learn and create.