AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in Australasia

Hawra Alumari

Curtin University

The logo design intends to evoke both architectural and tech-related concepts of the AASA organisation. The icon of the logo is a dwelling which represents an architectural approach as well as a place to house students from all Australasian regions under one roof. The colour palette consists of black, grey and yellow. The use of black represents power, elegance, and sophistication and is easy to read. The grey represents neutrality and balance. The yellow colour revolves around warmth and evokes an emotional response of happiness, positivity and optimism. A little touch of yellow has been used in this design to help associate AASA members with positivity. The choice of the font is bold and sharp to express a powerful representation of the organisation. The modern typeface is characterised by the variance between thin and thick bold lines in the lettering that represents the initials of the organisation’s name.