AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in Australasia

Zahra Alumari

Curtin University

The logo reflects the characteristics and values of AASA. It is an intriguing example of simplicity and minimalism yet evokes a powerful message. The logo is enclosed by a round circle which resembles continuity. Without beginning or end, this geometric shape is about unity, inclusion, and community. The circle or ring shape signifies positive emotional message that connects the AASA with its members.

The typeface used in the logo is associated with confidence, solidity and a sense of bold attitude. It is assorted in order to represent the initials of the organisation’s name and what stands for. Different shades of black are used in the ‘A’ letters to convey the transitions of architectural learning stages. The black colour represents strength, sophistication and professionalism and conveys a powerful statement. The use of yellow embraces warmth, positivity and confidence. This can provide students with a comforting, warm embrace and a youthful energy.