AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in Australasia

Huy Nguyen

University of Western Australia

The logo has the same letters A representing for the words, Association, Architecture, and Australasia. In which the letter S contrasts with the remaining words, symbolising the word Schools, S is also the highlight and centre of the logo to represent the universities that are the focus of this logo. The letters A illustrate the architectural universities that are similar in form, but the details are a bit different, indicating that institutions have the same core units, but may differ in the elective units. Continuous and dashed lines are often used in architectural drawings. Bold lines are filled with colour or tilted stripes, showing the floor or wall being cut off in architectural drawings. The logo is presented in a simple overall form, so viewers can easily capture and remember it at first glance. When looking closer, the logo will have different details that observers would easily recognise this logo related to architecture. The logo follows principles of design such as balance, unity, contrast, emphasis, and repetition. To achieve this stress effect, the letter S is created by circular curves, contrasting with the straight lines and the sharp corners of the letters A. Moreover, the contrast between thin lines and bold lines makes the logo more interesting. There will be two colour options for the logo. The first colour selection will be the red taken from the red colour of the Australian flag. The second colour scheme will be black. Logo can be white on black background.