AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in Australasia

Nadya Prasetyo

Curtin University

The concept is a set of concentric triangles, each representing the initials of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia (AASA). The overall shape of the logo is an upward triangle, representing the aim of AASA to make architecture professionals support and grow with each other in enhancing the quality of architectural education. This also signifies growth, progression, and inherent connectivity among the members of AASA
The logo is inspired by the open-delta symbol since it displays openness to development. It is necessary for the architecture industry to respond to the perpetually evolving demands of society by providing quality education on architectural design and research methods, in thinking ahead on coping up with upcoming global issues. Finally, hints of green on some parts of this logo indicate a pushing force for architecture schools to achieve a unified goal by connecting people and ideas for the present and future.