AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in Australasia

Qingyin Yang

The University of Western Australia

The elements that have pinpointed through the whole logo design are simpleness, geometry, innovation, universal design, and sustainability. The logo itself has a relatively simple shape to follow up and, with a cohesive structure trait by using rigorous geometry, it pays more attention to the accuracy of the building in reality. Each character is arranged into four equal squares to show the material world with different meanings. The second A presents the roof of architecture without having a transverse line. The first and last A is more like a response for “Association” and “Australasia” to one another. The last “half” A also creates a space for innovation. Triangle shape also signifies past, present, and future according to Pythagoras. Two hyperbolas connect to form “S” shape inspired by St Louis arch, presenting firmness and nature. Finally, the green tone stresses sustainable design by responding to the environment in the future and now.