AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in Australasia

Le Yen Oanh Nguyen

University of Technology, Sydney

The logo is a combination of four single letters (AASA). In the first symbol, there are two letters A, which is originally telescopical; then, letter S and A were showed a different colour separating.

Moreover, the focus of this design highlight not only the abbreviation letters but also focus on the values of AASA for architecture. As a trigger for every design, I have emphasised letter I (Idea) and ARC (Architecture). Letter S is flipped horizontally to be also an R in and letter C mirrors beside. The icons of Architecture are also integrated: paintbrush of the artist drawing soft curves with the icons of triangle rulers.  The design illustrates no separation; it means that the rhythm and the connection between the elements.
The design comes from the continuity, from inspiration, them ideas, to hand-drawn drawings through the hands of the designer, engineers, construction – a whole process of architectural work.