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RMIT Architecture Lecturers John Doyle and Ben Milbourne win competition to refurbish Latrobe Regional Gallery

Latrobe Regional Gallery - courtesy of NAAU

Friday January 6, 2017

RMIT Architecture Lecturers John Doyle and Ben Milbourne, along with sessional staff members Laura Mártires and Edmund Carter as a part of NAAU Studio architects have won a competition to refurbish the Latrobe Regional Gallery in Morwell.

The winning proposal was generated through an archaeological approach to the existing building – the former Morwell Shire Hall – which has undergone a series of incremental additions and changes over the years. A series of iterative cuts, insertions and fraying operations provided the means through which the gallery facade and public spaces might be opened up to greater public engagement, and through which the internal operations of the gallery might take on a performative role along Morwell’s civic spine.
The project is currently being exhibited along with other competition entries in the Latrobe Regional Gallery. Construction is due to be completed in 2017.
WHERE: Latrobe Regional Gallery – Gallery 6
WHEN: 26 November 2016 – 8 January 2017