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MSD Designer in Residence

Friday October 14, 2016

University of Melbourne alumnus Adam Markowitz is completing a MSD Design Residency. Adam is currently working on a custom-built meeting room table for the Level 4 Hansen Yuncken Suspended Studio.

The Faculty commissioned Adam to design and build a meeting room table using timber salvaged from the trees that surrounded the old ABP building.

The table design will directly respond to the innovative suspended studio space. The project also includes 12 custom-built chairs.

Founder of design studio markowitzdesign, Adam holds graduate degrees in both Architecture and Furniture Design, and has attended graduate schools of design and craft in Melbourne, Hobart, The Netherlands (TUDelft), Denmark (The Royal Academy) and the US (Center for Furniture Craftsmanship).

Exposed in those schools to fine craft and traditional joinery, he has developed a design philosophy that values the intimate connection between design and fabrication, and the new opportunities found at the intersection of modern digital processes and traditional methods of craftsmanship.

Follow the progress of the project on Instagram @markowitzdesign #msdtable. The residency is anticipated to end in November.