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Innovative projects featured at Fast Forward

Thursday July 20, 2017

Award-winning architects, urban designers and planners will discuss their philosophies and innovative work at the upcoming Fast Forward Spring lecture series beginning next week at the University of Auckland.

From modest residential projects to large-scale civic commissions, local and international practitioners will present a diverse selection of works.

Learn about Australian Kerstin Thompson’s House at Hanging Rock, or the intriguing possibilities of reverse perspective in architecture from Belgian architect Wim Goes.

Hear the School of Architecture and Planning’s International Architects-in-Residence for 2017, Annette W. LeCuyer and Brian Carter, discuss their work, or Chinese architect Zhu Pei explore the idea of ‘natural attitude’ – the notion that contemporary architecture can contain the philosophy of traditional Chinese culture – to name just a few.

The series starting on Monday 24 July, runs until September and encompasses the Festival of Architecture and the School of Architecture and Planning’s centenary.

All lectures start at 6.30pm in Lecture Theatre 401:439. They are free and open to the public.

The Fast Forward series is generously supported by GIB®

Fast Forward 2017 – Spring Guest Lecture Series

• 24 July. Kerstin Thompson (Melbourne).

• 26 July. Wim Goes (Ghent).

• 2 August. Annette Le Cuyer and Brian Carter (Buffalo).

• 9 August. Phil Wihongi (Auckland).

• 14 August. Pei Zhu (Beijing).

• 23 August. Aaron Paterson, Mike Davis, Andrew Barrie, Amanda Wijaya, Louie Tong: New work in timber.

• 6-17 September. Festival of Architecture.

• 7-9 September. School of Architecture and Planning Centenary.

• 13 September. Sir Harold Marshall (Auckland).

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