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AASA Education Prize for Early Career Academics 2019 - now closed

AASA education prize

Monday July 1, 2019

UPDATE 05.08.19: The jury is currently reviewing the applications. Further updates to follow.


We are pleased to announce that the AASA Education Prize for Early Career Academics is now open to our members! The creation of this initiative is a response to the lack of acknowledgement of early career academics’ efforts supporting architectural education. Our aim not only to provide recognition of excellence or leadership in teaching for early career academics, but also:

  • Promote the work taking place at member programs through an open forum for dissemination and exchange that highlights different approaches to architectural education and research.
  • Support early career academics by providing an esteem opportunity and measurable output
  • Demonstrate to a wider community the work of AASA programs and articulate the value of architectural education and research.
  • Provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas and approaches between institutions.


As part of the AASA objectives to promote quality education in architecture, it has been suggested that an education prize offered by AASA for early career academics is implemented. Few opportunities exist for this demographic group to be recognized and the board feel it is critical to support academics as they develop their careers.

Currently, there are three national prizes delivered by the Australian Institute of Architects. The Neville Quarry Architectural Education Prize is the only award for academics and is typically awarded to well-established, senior academics with a mature career arc. Additionally, the Student for the Advancement of Architecture Awards and Colourbond Student Biennale are directed to students, not to academics. In NSW, the Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship offers an opportunity to early career practitioners who are sometimes overlapping with practice. There may be other examples in other states and territories.

The AASA has conducted a small review of universities’ education prizes for early career academics. We have found that while majority of schools offers prizes and awards to their staff (e.g. teaching excellence, Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning etc), it is not clear whether award winners have been given the opportunity to publicise their work/research at the departmental or faculty level.

The AASA considers there is an opportunity to establish a national prize to address this gap recognising the lack of forums available for the promotion of their works/research as well as acknowledging their high level of dedication to architectural education. This initiative is intended to supplement the conference/publication previously organised by AASA which provided a platform to help establish early career publication/exhibition, with an aim to advance architectural education and research by offering higher value recognition for excellence in research and/or teaching innovation.

Timelines and Procedure

  • Call for submissions announced: 1 July 2019
  • Deadline for submissions: 2 August 2019 midnight AEDT
  • Jury convenes and successful awardees contacted by 16 August 2019
  • Prize funding disbursed to the member institutions by 1 September 2019
  • Exhibition at local venue (to be confirmed), Auckland: 30 September to 4 October 2019
  • Exhibition opening and moderated presentation/discussion with all prize winners and AASA AGM delegates (including public invitation to attend) on 1 October 2019 @ 6pm.

Information regarding the prize is provided in AASA Education Prize for Early Career Academics 2019 [143KB PDF].

We would strongly encourage you to publicise this information to your staff members – the closing date is 2 August 2019 mid night AEST. Please forward your submission to the AASA Secretariat Martha Liew.