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Lyndsay Swan wins the AASA Student Logo Design Competition!

Friday August 28, 2020

We are pleased to announce the winner of the AASA Student Logo Design Competition is Lyndsay Swan, a first-year Bachelor of Architecture student from the University of South Australia.

In the last five years, the AASA has grown considerably. These include the expansion of AASA’s portfolios and increased engagement with our overseas colleagues, such as the ACSA and other architecture schools. To celebrate this new milestone, the AASA launched the competition in March 2020, as part of the organisation’s commitment to strengthen our relationship with students, as well as to offer our future architects an opportunity to hone their design skills and revamp the AASA’s identity. Architecture students across all levels were invited to participate in the competition.

In total, we have received 24 submissions from the AASA member schools. As the majority of submissions are of exceptionally high standards, it was not an easy task for the jury to make the final decision. Competition jury chair Dr Yusef Patel, of Unitec Institute of Technology, said the winner and entrants had shown their exceptional design capabilities. ‘As usual, a high level of design skills is evident, with students exploring various design options and applications to produce a new design that reflects the core values of the AASA,’ Dr Patel said.

Dr Patel’s comment is also shared by one of our jurors, Dr Katica Pedisic. ‘Many of the entries put together a professional package of documents showing the adaptability and in-place use of their logo, very similar to what you would get from a graphic design agency. Impressive,’ Dr Pedisic said.

While architectural design and graphic design both have some similarities, such as their ability to respond to the client’s brief and their shared view of aesthetics, architects focus mainly on laying out buildings and structures. In contrast, graphic designers use computer software to create artwork like logos or illustrations, often for publications. As such, a good logo design has an entirely different set of design principles. According to Ms Liew, a QLD government graphic designer, said the challenge for students developing a successful logo for the AASA requires meeting many different criteria, such as aesthetics, applicability and the rationale behind the design. Other criteria that need to be considered include distinctiveness, simplicity, universality, colour, legibility, descriptiveness, timelessness, modularity and equity. ‘Some of the design proposals have met these graphic design rules,’ Liew added.

The winning design proposed by Lyndsay Swan captures the three essential elements articulated in the competition brief: strong identity, aesthetically pleasing and adaptable. As Dr Pedisic pointed out, the design is ‘immediately workable and convincing, professional. Clear and intriguing. Architectural in structure and nature, and the rotating ‘A’s adds a sense of movement and temporality. The concept is very forward-thinking and also highly adaptable and flexible to a number of formats.’
‘Among all the entries, Lyndsay’s design really stands out.’ Dr Patel said.

All design submissions will be showcased on the AASA’s website in due course. While the winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000, all participants will each receive a $100 book voucher.

Competition results


Lyndsay Swan, University of South Australia


Huy Nguyen, University of Western Australia; Luke Rainsfield, Victoria University of Wellington; Nadya Prasetyo, Curtin University; Thomas Brady, Curtin University; Jonathan Forbes, Curtin University; Sarah Claxton-Vicars, Monash University; Liam Moroney, University of South Australia; Tonghe Liu, UNSW; Natasha Maher, Griffith University; Zahra Alumari, Curtin University; Hannah Flaunty, Victoria University of Wellington; Vincent Xiao, University of Auckland; Hawra Alumari, Curtin University; Elvina Koh, University of Western Australia; Iman Khan, University of Auckland; Asher Wadrop, University of Western Australia; Joshua Moxey, University of Newcastle; Mohammed Hussain, University of Western Australia; Tyler Hill, University of Western Australia; Qingyin Yang, University of Western Australia; Thuy Tuong van Bach, University of Technology Sydney; Le Yen Oanh Nguyen, University of Technology Sydney and Merhawi Gebreslasie, Curtin University.

The Jury:

Dr Yusef Patel (Chair), Unitec Institute of Technology
Dr Karamia Muller, University of Auckland
Dr John Doyle, RMIT University
Dr Katica Pedisic, University of South Australia
Ms Karen Liew, Government graphic designer (QLD) and former Vice President of the Australian Graphic Design Association (QLD).

Congratulations to the winner Lyndsay Swan and all the entrants for their outstanding design works. View all the submissions in the online gallery.