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Sound Shell overall winner in design awards

Image: Peter Bennetts

Friday February 5, 2016

The Caulfield Sound Shell has been awarded the overall winner of the Corian Design Awards 2015.

After winning the product award category, the Sound Shell has now been announced as the overall winner to mark the 10th anniversary of the awards.

The awards recognise local designers for their creative use of Corian in their field of expertise. The Sound Shell is comprised of thousands of individual pieces of timber and Corian using robotic fabrication.

Dr Tim Schork, who led the project, said Corian was chosen for the unique and innovative structure as it enabled the team to achieve the desired complex doubly curved geometries of the façade and provide a high-quality surface finish that is durable, has minimal maintenance requirements and can be used as a projection surface.

The Sound Shell, which opened last October, is a bespoke and multi-purpose performance space. It was made by students from MADA’s Department of Architecture in collaboration with Kassel University in Germany.

The Sound Shell, on the Caulfield Campus Green, provides a space for a range of activities, from music and theatre performances, to dance displays and film screenings. The overall winner will be the award’s guest at an International Design Event in either Milan or New York.