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Professor Tom Kovac presents at SCI Arc Tokyo Symposium 'Kindling'

Sunday August 7, 2016

Tom Daniell RMIT PhD Architecture and Design and Tom Kovac RMIT Architectiure and Design participated in the recent SCI Arc Tokyo Symposium ‘Kindling’, which builds on the old adage that when presented with a pile of sticks, the architect has two options: build a shelter or make a fire. This provided three panel topics: Broadcasting, Building and Burning. The invited panelists presented speculative projects, installations, objects, and tools as examples of work that were presented and discussed dutimng the three panel discussions.

Panel 1 – Broadcasting
Moderator: Thomas Daniell (University of Saint Joseph) Panelists: Makoto Shin Watanabe (Hosei University, ADH), Hitoshi Abe (UCLA, Atelier Hitoshi Abe), Joe Day (SCI-Arc, Deegan Day Design), Masataka Baba
(Tokyo R Real Estate, Open A), Souhei Inamura (Chiba Institute of Technology)

Panel 2 – Building
Moderator: Yusuke Obuchi (University of Tokyo)
Panelists: Keisuke Toyoda (Tokyo University of the Arts), Steven Ma (SCI-Arc, Xuberance), Tom Kovac (RMIT University), Jun Sato (University of Tokyo, Jun Sato
Structural Engineers), Hernan Diaz Alonso (SCI-Arc, Xefirotarch)

Panel 3 – Burning
Moderator: Todd Gannon (SCI-Arc)
Panelists: Norihisa Kawashima (Tokyo Tech. Artenvarch), John Bohn (SCI-Arc, JBohn Associates), Sota Ichikawa (hclab, Double Negatives), Liam Young (SCIArc,
Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today)