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UWA student awarded prestigious architecture scholarship

Friday July 1, 2016

A student from The University of Western Australia’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts has been awarded a prestigious 2016 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship for his proposal on ‘Weaving the Urban Fabric: Examining the Significance of Community’.

Abel Feleke, is studying a Master of Architecture at UWA.

The 22 year old from Sinagra looked at the benefits of researching the social networks of high density urban communities (informal settlements) to understand the social connections in these communities and how they might inform future architectural developments.

He will study in China, India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mexico and Brazil.

“The main aim of my research is to create a dialogue to understand how we can better aid the development of strong communities through architecture, both at home and abroad,” Mr Feleke said.

Initially set up in 2006 as a biennial programme, the £6,000 (A$11,500) RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship is awarded to one student to fund international research on a topic and in a location of their choice.

Mr Feleke said he was delighted to receive the prestigious scholarship as the only recipient in 2016 in the world to be granted one.

“It’s a really great opportunity to learn abroad and travel to places I would otherwise not have the opportunity to visit,” he said.

“It will be great to study different perspectives and societies and the way people live and interact with one and other.”