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University of New South Wales

Faculty of the Built Environment

At UNSW Built Environment we develop global leaders in architecture, planning and construction.

Connecting world-class knowledge with leading practice, we equip you for an outstanding career.

The Built Environment faculty offers you access to two schools, the Australian School of Architecture and Design and the Australian Graduate School of Urbanism.

Learn from the academics and industry specialists: At the Australian School of Architecture and Design you will be taught by highly acclaimed academics and industry based specialist staff, ensuring you learn from the leaders in the fields of teaching, research and innovative practice.

The Australian Graduate School of Urbanism is the research engine of Built Environment, connecting our work with industry, government and the broader community.

Urban research is by nature interdisciplinary and to complement this research, you will have access to a suite of post professional degree programs giving you the opportunity to engage in high level further education, emphasising the development of leadership skills.



Award-winning Italian architect Renzo Piano will mentor UNSW student

Jincheng Jiang is the first Masters of Architecture student in Australia to receive a six-month internship with the prestigious Renzo Piano Foundation in Italy.

Cities@UNSW - Spatial Inequality in Sydney

Our Cities@UNSW panels focus on the planning, design and development of metropolitan Sydney.
This panel will be framed around the implications of spatial inequality in Sydney.
This is part of the public engagement program of the UNSW Grand Challenge on Inequality.

Urban overheating is perhaps among the more severe climatic phenomena that humanity faces... ", says Professor of High Performance Architecture, Mat Santamouris.

Too hot in the city

Our concrete jungles are getting so hot they could eventually become uninhabitable. But a team of UNSW researchers is working hard to cool them down.